7-11-2020, 20:53
В последнее время проживающие в России азербайджанцы провоцируют проживающих там армян на столкновения с ними.

«Вчера представители азербайджанской общины провели митинг в Санкт-Петербурге с колонной автомобилей и турецко-азербайджанскими флагами. Время от времени они выходили из машин и кричали: «Карабах или карабахский бизнесмен». Это конкретный шаг, цель которого - вовлечь армянскую общину в провокации », - сказал Lragir.am российский политолог Арутюн Мкртчян.

Он отметил, что призывает армян России ни в коем случае не провоцироваться, а в случае таких шагов, предпринятых азербайджанской общиной, обратиться в правоохранительные органы.

«Перед нами июльские события, когда после победных боев в Тавуше, проигрывая на поле боя, Азербайджан пытался спровоцировать столкновения в разных центрах нашей диаспоры. «Имея это на глазах, мы не должны поддаваться провокациям», - сказал он.
28-09-2020, 10:50
Soldiers killed during the battles against the enemy on September 28

Aghbalyan Tigran Suren, born 2001

Gorgyan Karen Azat, born 2000

Vahe Sasha Gasparyan, born 2000

Sargis Armeni Sargsyan, born 2002

Ghazaryan Harutyun Artashes, born 2000

Simonyan Aram Artashes, born 2001

Harutyunyan Narek Volodya, born 2001

Aghasi Hakoby Gorgyan, born 2000

Badalyan David Karen, born 2001

Grigoryan Hayk Avetik, born 2001
28-09-2020, 10:32
The President of Azerbaijan addressed me with a request. Pashinyan details
28-09-2020, 10:27
My daughter was left homeless. he has neither father nor mother. brother of a dead female soldier (Video)
28-09-2020, 10:21
I talked to Manvel Grigoryan yesterday about leaving for Artsakh. He had already called an ambulance and was about to leave. Manvel Grigoryan's lawyer Arsen Mkrtchyan told ArmDaily.am about this. "He called me to go with him. We reasoned with Levon Baghdasaryan that there is a signature not to leave, a special permit is needed, I persuaded the final answers to come today, after which we will make a decision," the lawyer said. To the question whether his health condition will allow, he answered that Grigoryan is not the person with the will that you can keep. "In any case, yesterday, using force and persuasion, I was able to get out of the car."
28-09-2020, 10:18
Now I have a meeting with the boys. Former NA deputy Arakel Movsisyan (Shmays) said this in a conversation with ArmDaily.am today.

To the question, "Are you going to Artsakh?" Movsisyan answered. "Can I leave alone?" We have sent all our documents to Vayenkomat for approval. As soon as there is an order, then we will go. "
28-09-2020, 10:06
Regular damage to Azerbaijani military equipment. Fighting is going on with different intensity. RA Ministry of Defense spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan wrote about this on her Facebook page.

"The Defense Army subdivisions successfully carry out punitive actions in separate sections. The fighting spirit of our servicemen is high. "

In the early morning of September 27, the Azerbaijani side, violating all possible international agreements, with the active support of the Turkish army, attacked along the entire line of contact with Artsakh, using all types of weapons at its disposal, including the air force. The Azerbaijani army also fired at the state border of the Republic of Armenia.
28-09-2020, 09:54
According to the Flightradar24 website, flying devices were constantly on duty on the Armenian-Turkish border throughout the day of September 27. The flying devices flew around Mount Ararat, taking turns one after the other.

Military expert Leonid Nersisyan writes about this on his Facebook page.

Most likely, they collected intelligence data. One of the flying machines took off from the "Batman" drone base. The drones of this base also took part in the strikes in Syria. Nersisyan also writes that the Boeing 737 AEW & C (4B829F) aviation complex, which has a radio detection and monitoring system, flew near the Armenian-Turkish border during the day.
28-09-2020, 09:44
The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia has released a new video of the regular damage to Azerbaijani military equipment.
28-09-2020, 09:33
In the evening, President Putin received an alarming call from Prime Minister Pashinyan. Kiselyov's report. video: