24-10-2019, 13:39
Viktor Mnatsakanyan, the head of the Kentron district, posted a post on his Facebook page informing him that he had filed a resignation.

The full post is below:

“Dear compatriots, dear residents of downtown. It's been a year since I took the position of Head of Kentron District. I undertook this function at the suggestion of my friend Hayk Marutyan, and the goal was the honest desire to develop our beloved Yerevan by united, teamwork. One year was not a great time to accomplish all our goals, but it was enough to understand the specifics of the Center and only the problems specific to the Center and to develop a proper strategy for their solution. During the last year of my work with my team, only those features have been taken into account. Now I want to announce that I have submitted an application for dismissal.

I made this decision because I want to do an in-depth study of urban issues and make urban policing an integral part of our daily lives. I am convinced that this way I can be much more helpful to my beloved city and country. This move does not mean that I am leaving the team I was part of and had the honor of working with. My decision to leave office has no political motive and is an exclusively personal decision. Let no one try to manipulate it for political reasons or to make conspiracy theories about it.
24-10-2019, 13:32
Former CC President Gagik Harutyunyan and former NA Speaker Ara Babloyan were summoned for questioning today. According to NEWS.am, Babloyan's interrogation has already begun.

It should be reminded that former RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan was involved in the SIS within the framework of the criminal case under Article 300, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code, on the grounds of assuming power.

According to the SIS report, Arsen Babayan, Deputy Chief of Staff to the National Assembly, accused of the same case, created false grounds for submitting Ara Babloyan's petition to the CC President Gagik Harutyunyan's resignation on March 2, 2018, in order to seize the power of the Constitutional Court. In turn, it was the basis for the latter's termination of office, and later for the process of nominating and appointing Hrayr Tovmasyan in that vacant post.
24-10-2019, 13:09
We have discussed normal issues with the authorities. Samvel Karapetyan, Founder and Chairman of Tashir Group of Companies, said this in a conversation with journalists today.

Asked what she thinks the economic revolution is, she said: "In the initial phase."

Samvel Karapetyan stressed that they will work with the authorities. “Maybe we work, didn't you see that we work? We are also making new projects, ”he said, adding that they will be informed about the new investments in turn.

"It is working cooperation with the new authorities," he stressed.
24-10-2019, 12:55
While everyone was waiting for Pashinyan, Vice Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan, businessmen Samvel Karapetyan and Samvel Alexanyan had a brief conversation.

First, Alexanyan asked why they dismissed the head of the cadastre, and then said that he wanted to start construction in Masvi. Karapetyan was surprised that Samvel Alexanyan also had problems.
24-10-2019, 12:50
Soldiers' new food system continues to expand. Pashinyan posted a video
24-10-2019, 12:29
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Opel collides with conscript traffic police car
24-10-2019, 12:23
The Minister of Education and Science has allocated 20 million drams to film a film about sex change. In particular, it is about Meline Daluzyan, the weightlifter who is no longer a "woman" but a "man" Mel Daluzyan.

Dear citizens of the Republic of Armenia, I appeal to you on this occasion.

That you are dissatisfied with our government, the RPA, is completely your right, and I respect your opinion that there have been mistakes, omissions, most of the public relations have been disrupted or severed, according to all of this. I am, but, dear citizens, our state is defiled. Do you understand that this movie will then be shown on television and your children will watch it? I am convinced that the first TV channel to air this disgrace will be H1, that is, public.
24-10-2019, 12:08
A bear was attacked by a trainer in a circus performance in the city of Olonets in Karelia. A video of the incident was released on REN TV.

The video shows the animal doing all the instructions, but after a few seconds he suddenly attacks the trainer.

The animal threw the man to the ground and covered him with his body.

After the attack, the animal moved to the audience. It is noted that the area where the bear displayed tricks was not closed by a protective net.
24-10-2019, 12:00
RA Prime Minister's Spokesman Vladimir Karapetyan told reporters about the resignation of RA Deputy Chief of Police Hovhannes Kocharyan and answering the question whether the reason was his statement the day before. “The statement was followed by his application. Apply to write asking for her dismissal. I have not specified what the reason is. The decision was made based on his application. "
24-10-2019, 11:32
The goalkeeper Vasily Koshchkin's throat was injured during a match between Metallurg and Ak Bars at the Continental Hockey League (KFL) in Russia.

One of the players of the rival team is to accidentally injure the goalkeeper's neck during an unsuccessful trick.

The incident took place at the 14th minute, but Olympic champion Vasily Koshechkin immediately received medical attention and was able to return to the rink even in the final minutes of the game.