24-10-2019, 20:38
RPA Vice President Armen Ashotyan thinks the campaign against CC President Hrayr Tovmasyan will stay in the throat of the government. "Are you afraid of Robert Kocharyan's case? Are you late? It's already an internationalized affair. There is a November ECHR hearing on Kocharyan, what else do you have, Artsakh, the Istanbul Convention ...?" Ashotyan says.
24-10-2019, 20:23
"As for the diving business, we have found a technical error here and we will let our World Bank colleagues know that if they correct it, we will be in the 37th place," CB Chairman Artur Javadyan said today during a cabinet meeting. about currency.

After the announcement, Pashinyan was unable to contain the laughter, and for a few seconds in the auditorium almost everyone could not "get serious".

Details in the video:
24-10-2019, 20:17
Speaking to reporters after the government meeting today, SRC Chairman David Ananyan, responding to rumors about singer Lilit Hovhannisyan that she was going to be arrested because the press had written that she had avoided declaring income, said: "Do you suppose this criminal case is related to Lilit Hovhannisyan?"
To the observation that the press writes this way, Ananyan replied: "So ask the press too."

On the observation that this singer might be arrested as part of this criminal case; "These are procedures that the investigation will show."
24-10-2019, 20:05
Earlier, a call was received from 9-11 Operational Management Rescue Service Rescue Service of Yerevan Police Department and Ministry of Emergency Situations that there was a suspicious explosive on the 2nd floor of Zvartnots International Airport. According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, a large number of police, National Security Service and Ministry of Emergency Situations have arrived at the place. The ambulance team of the Yerevan ambulances is also in place. The suspicious thing has been discovered, but specialists need to find out if it is explosive or a mass.
24-10-2019, 19:48
"I think it is an objective situation when the Constitutional Court makes a decision on a matter of great public interest that may be misunderstood or disliked by public authorities," Constitutional Court President Hrayr Tovmasyan told ArmNews TV today. :

He noted that if his resignation will ultimately be the pledge of country's development, the solution of the current problems, then development of the country is more important for him than the post.

Referring to the involvement of his family members in the process, Hrayr Tovmasyan said: “Of course, seeing a 75-year-old father who has undergone 4 difficult surgeries over the past two years and seeing that he is being asked some questions is not pleasant, of course. You feel guilty. It is not pleasant to see your daughters whom you have brought up in a different way and they have to go and answer some questions. They are already joking at our house, saying that only Mom was not called to the NSS because she was from the town.
24-10-2019, 19:33
Babken Harutyunyan, Coordinator of the Yerevan Front Defense Initiative, wrote on his Facebook page: “The head of Kentron district also resigned for illogical reasons. Victor, who has a problem-solving lever, argues that he has resigned to deliberate more closely on urban issues. It turns out it can solve problems, but it doesn't solve them. Is there any logic to this, no, but there is undeniable? No matter how much Victor denies it is impossible to work with Hayk, Hayk has not allowed Victor to carry out the latter's duties, or vice versa, Victor has failed. Not neglecting the relationship between Hayk and Victor, we can state that Yerevan's management has turned into a theater of one and a half actors, and that one actor is Hayk, half as his political, self-styled boss.
     The movie goes on, the script remains the same, and the ending is known. Hayk has failed, he must resign. "
24-10-2019, 18:23
The bear was attacked during a circus performance
24-10-2019, 17:57
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, on October 22, an emergency occurred in Armavir region. Around 14:50 the Vagharshapat police department received a report that a 13-year-old girl had been kidnapped from a red car in the yard of her Taronik village home. According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, the operative group of Vagharshapat police department headed by the head of the police department Seyran Martirosyan and deputy head of the police department David Petrosyan arrived at the place. The Chief of Police of Armavir Marz Aram Hovhannisyan has also arrived. Officers found out shortly afterwards that the car was a BMW 36 36 658, which was stolen from a 13-year-old N.Y. resident of Echmiadzin Street, 30. Kh. While the senior investigator at the Vagharshapat Police Investigation Department was working at the scene, Vagharshapat Police Criminal Investigation and Community Police officers learned that the child was kidnapped by 26-year-old Arthur D., his 24-year-old friend. Police in Armavir province also found that a BMW was driven by Rafael H. who crashed on the same day in the administrative district of Aratan village and left his car at the scene.
24-10-2019, 17:51

Kosmetolog Ok’sana Hovsep’yany haytni e dardzel «Dom 2» nakhagtsi shnorhiv․ arden mi k’ani tari e aghjiky gnum e taghavar rrealit’i shui masnakits’nerin kosmetologiakan tarber tsarrayut’yunner e matuts’um.

Na nuynisk ts’ankats’el e darrnal shoui masnakits’, sakayn da nra mot ch’i stats’vel. Sakayn nra anuny «Dom 2»-i kapely minch’ ors khangarum e, vorpeszi kayana vorpes voch’ nakhagtsayin bzhishk.

Nakhkin «RRevizorro» Yelena Letuch’ayan paterazm e haytararel aydpisi khabeba-kosmetolognerin, sakayn inch’pes na e haytararel․ ««Krrivy shrjants’el ch’i stats’vets’».

Yelenan voroshel e stugel haytni bloger-kosmetolog Ok’sana Hovsep’yani ashkhatank’y, vorn ir tsarrayut’yunnern er matuts’um hents’ arrevtri kentronum. Hovsep’yany miangamits’ hrazharvel e nerkayats’nel deghamijots’neri p’astat’ght’ery, hents’ ayd zhamanak el Letuch’ayan haytararel e, vor vostikanut’yun kkanch’i, vorpeszi parzi՝ inch’ himk’erov e na ants’kats’num ir prots’eduranery. Aynuhanderdz kosmetology sksum e vosabobik p’akhch’el. Ardyunk’um, yerb Yelenan sksel e znnel kosmetologiakan senyaky, Hovsep’yany sksel e nkarahanogh khmbi vra uzh gortsadrel.
Cosmetologist Oksana Hovsepyan became famous due to the Dom 2 project: For several years now, the girl has been attending a pavilion at the Real Estate Show, offering various cosmetic services.

He even wanted to be a part of the show, but he didn't get it. However, linking his name to Dom 2 still prevents him from becoming a non-designated physician.

Former "Revizorro" Yelena Letuchaya declared war on such cheat-beauticians, but as she stated: "" The fight did not succeed.

Elena decided to check out the work of renowned blogger-cosmetologist Oksana Hovsepyan, who was providing her services at the trade center. Hovsepyan immediately refused to submit the drug documents, at which time Letuchaya announced that she would call the police to find out on what grounds she was conducting her procedures. However, the cosmetologist begins to run away from the buzz. As a result, when Elena began examining the cosmetology room, Hovsepyan began to use force on the film crew.
24-10-2019, 17:39

K’ich’ arraj voghbergakan depk’ e teghi unets’el Shiraki marzum. Zhamy 19.40-i sahmannerum Gyumri k’aghak’i Nzhdehi hraparakum Opel maknishi 36 LM 324 hamaranishi avtomek’enayi mej hankartsamah e yeghel mi k’aghak’ats’uhi.
Inch’pes haytnum e shamshyan.com-y, ays pahin depk’i vayr yen zhamanel chanaparhayin vostikanut’yan 2-rd spayakan gumartaki 2-rd vashti 2-rd dasaki tesuch’ner Martin Avetisyann u Jivan Sargsyany.

Zhamanel yen nayev vostikanut’yan Kumayrii bazhni operativ khumby.

Yst nakhnakan teghekut’yunneri՝ avtomek’enayum mahats’atsy varordi kinn e yeghel, um hivandanots’its’ teghap’vokhum ein ir bnakut’yan vayry, sakayn chanaparhin knoj ink’nazgats’voghut’yunn aveli e vatats’el, inch’n el dardzel e mahvan patcharr.

Ays pahin depk’i vayrum ashkhatum yen Hayastani k’nnch’akan komitev Shiraki marzayin k’nnch’akan varch’ut’yan k’nnich’nery.

P’asti arrt’iv Shiraki marzayin k’nnch’akan varch’ut’yunum nyut’er yen nakhapatrastvum. Iravapahnery parzum yen varordi yev mahats’atsi ink’nut’yuny.
A tragic incident happened recently in Shirak region. At around 19:40, a woman died in a car with an Opel 36 LM 324 in Nzhdeh Square, Gyumri.
According to shamshyan.com, inspectors Martin Avetisyan and Jivan Sargsyan arrived at the scene at the moment.

An operative group of the Kumayri police department has also arrived.

According to preliminary information, the driver of the car was the woman who was transported from the hospital to her place of residence, but on the road the woman's health worsened, which led to her death.

Investigators from the Shirak Regional Investigation Department of the Armenian Investigative Committee are currently working at the scene.

Materials are being prepared at the Shirak Regional Investigation Department. Law enforcement officers identify the driver and the deceased.