27-09-2020, 23:19
The joint Armenian Information Center published photos
From the shelter of Artsakh, Stepanakert.

Photographers: Areg Balayan և Karapet Sahakyan
27-09-2020, 23:04
Inter-ethnic conflict expert Nairi Hokhikyan wrote on his Facebook page. "Real information from Artsakh.
- The enemy has 200 losses,
- The enemy has a loss of 33 tanks,
- The enemy has a loss of 27 drones,
- The enemy has lost 4 combat helicopters,
- The enemy did not come forward,
- The rumors about the enemy's victory are false,
- The Armenian side has 16 victims, 100 wounded,
"The Armenian side is successfully resisting, it can counterattack at any moment."
27-09-2020, 22:48
"There were fights in different parts of the border all day. We have dozens of victims and wounded. We seem to have withstood the first blow, it is usually the most difficult. The further course of hostilities depends on it. It is a tense night. The population is mainly in shelters. Azerbaijan lost about 60 military equipment in one day - tanks, armored vehicles, planes. Another noteworthy fact is that our armed forces confiscated four tanks in one part of the border. A bit like in 1992, when the army was armed with confiscated military equipment. One of the officers said today that we will take a lot of new weapons, let them come, the more they come, the more we will take. And they are very many this time and in all directions. "
27-09-2020, 22:35
"Early this morning, Azerbaijan once again launched a large-scale military offensive along the entire border of the Artsakh Republic. As in previous wars, so now I express my readiness to show my place to the treacherous enemy.

My best medicine is to fight for the homeland, and at the moment I am waiting for the registration to take part in the defeat or defeat of Ali's goals.

Today, as a man, we must stand by our army, make it stronger and more powerful with our help and support. Only with unity will we have the army we have dreamed of, for which blood has been shed, for which we are still fighting. "
27-09-2020, 22:26
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made a note. But our will is stronger than stone,
Our spirit does not know how to surrender.

It should be reminded that martial law has been declared in Armenia and Artsakh today.
27-09-2020, 22:04
Today, Vrezh Barseghyan, who died during the hostilities in Artsakh, was serving in Karvachar.
27-09-2020, 21:51
The press service of the Southern Military District reported that the Russian troops participating in the "Caucasus 2020" military exercises, permanently stationed in Armenia, have returned to Armenia from their military bases. It should be noted that the latter took part in the military games in the military schools located in the territory of Abkhazia.
27-09-2020, 21:38
Taron Filiposyan, who died in the war in Artsakh today, was from the city of Sisian.
27-09-2020, 21:21
The Iranian source writes that the rocket that fell in the Khudaferin region of Atrpatakan Atrpatakan was fired either by Baku guerrillas or terrorist mercenaries shouting "Free Syrian Army" brought to the conflict zone. Iranian expert Vardan Voskanyan wrote about it on his Facebook page.
27-09-2020, 21:09
The RA Ministry of Defense has recently published the names of the servicemen killed during the repulse of the Azerbaijani aggression. ArmLur.am found out that 19-year-old Erik Sahakyan is from the village of Parakar, Armavir region.

Let us add that Erik Sahakyan served in Karvachar.