28-09-2020, 07:15
6 new deaths from 174 ման coronavirus infection
As of 11:00 on September 28, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Armenia has increased by 174, reaching 49,574. 52 people have recovered, a total of 43,665. 6 deaths were registered, a total of 957. To date, 295 people have been infected with the coronavirus for other reasons. 4657 citizens receive actual treatment. Yesterday 1935 tests were done, so far 286161.
28-09-2020, 07:04
In early September, the Russian Nezavisimaya Gazeta published an article in which it said that mercenaries from Syria were preparing a blitzkrieg against Armenia. Vahagn Tevosyan, a member of the "My Step" parliamentary faction, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

He, in particular, noted. "Later, this article was deleted under Azerbaijani pressure. Today, rumors are circulating from various sources about how these mercenaries are behaving with the Azerbaijanis, in whose villages they are currently located.
28-09-2020, 07:03
"I last saw my Lernik in April 2016." Arthur Yeghiazaryan
Arthur Yeghiazaryan, a former member of the ARF Supreme Body of Armenia, wrote on his Facebook page ․ "Last night, with deep sorrow, I was reading the names of the victims, I came across a familiar name, which put me even more oppressed, is He ...
Lernik Aregi Vardanyan, born in 1978 ...
Early this morning my suspicions were confirmed from Artsakh, my Lernik is my former student from Carinthia "Aram Manukyan" school in Shushi, and then my former cadet of the RA Ministry of Defense, one of the best officers of the Armenian Army.
28-09-2020, 07:02
Data on a small number of Azerbaijani victims
Hovhannes Movsisyan writes on his Facebook page.

"Taron Hovhannisyan collected the data of a small part of the victims of Azerbaijan

1. Resident of Lankaran, 1980 Lieutenant Colonel Mehman Mirəziz oglu իրirvanov
2. Zamiq Çingiz oglu ովhmədov (Zamiq Çingiz oglu əhmədov)
3. 21-year-old resident of Khojali village, Salyan region (Salyan Rayon Xocalı kանիndi) Mammadov Elmir Arzu oglu (Məmmədov Elmir Arzu oglu)
4. Resident of Lənqəran, Kərgəlan village, Lankaran, 2002 born, ordinary Galib Hasanov / Qalib əkbərov. He will be buried on September 28 in Qarib Həsənov village cemetery.
5. Senior Lieutenant Zaur Hüseynov Zaur from the village of Hishkyadara in the Masali region (Masallı rayonu, Hişkədərə kəndi)
6. larahlar Vəliyev from Mingechaur. It was mentioned that Sh. Veli was wounded during the April battles.
7. Ordinary Allahverdi Babayev from Mingechaur
8. Hasan Turan oglu Demirov (Muəan, Svetlayazarya) from the village of Mughan in Jaliliabad (Hğsən Turan oğlu Dəmirov)
9. Senior Lieutenant Təbriz Rəsulzadə from the village of Gaxi Ջlayer (Qax, Cəlayer kəndi)
10. Hüseyn Vahim oիlu Həsənov, a 19-year-old soldier from the village of Çiyni (Ucar rayonu Çiyni kəndi) in the Ujar region.
11. From Khachmaz region (Xaçmaz rayonu) 2001 born S Սաfərəliyev Rəşad Fərman oğlu
12. Atayev Nicat Habil oğlu from the Kayalbajar region
13. Բmer Qoradayev Բ from Balakyan 1:
Ավագsmət H Իսcıyev Şolət oğlu (Ղsmət Həcıyev Şolət oğlu)
14. Khudayev Yaşar Əli oğlu from Khuba!
15. From the village of Sabirabad Zengene (Sabirabad district Zengene kendi) 1995 born contract soldier Farid Nağıyev
16. From Yevlakh region (Yevlax rayon şəhidi) 1987 Kazımov Emin Fərman oglu, a contract soldier, was killed in a battle in the direction of Mrav
17. ովhmədov Elməddin Uğur oğlu was killed in the direction of Fizuli
18. From the village of Hezabad in the Jalilabad region (Cəlilabad district Həzabad k )ndi) Gardash Alxas Mirxas oglu (Qardaş Alxas Mirxas oglu)
19. Ordinary Ottoman (from our video)
20. Junior Sergeant Babazade M. (from our video)
21. Lieutenant Zeynalov Z. (from our video)
22 ... To be continued. "
28-09-2020, 06:48
"The Azerbaijani-Armenian general is the brother of Artsakh NSS head Kamo Aghajanyan." Gorg Achemyan
Former manager of the Prime Minister's Office Gorg Achemyan wrote on his Facebook page. "If you know that this Azerbaijani-Armenian general is the brother of the current head of the Artsakh National Security Service, Kamo Aghajanyan, you will not mix. "We had the first 'repatriate' in quarantine conditions, and that too in Artsakh."
28-09-2020, 06:13
n September 27, 15 servicemen were killed during the battles against the enemy. The Artsakh Defense Army informed about this and published their names.

Nersisyan Sasun Grenik, born 2002

Khachatryan Khoren Yura, born 1983

Grigoryan Armen Nikolay, born 1984

Yuri Hayk Aghasaryan, born 2001

Garik Aram Achemyan, born 2002

Galoyan Gorg Marzpet, born 2001

Abrahamyan Gurgen Vardan, born 2001

Yaravyan Gor Hrant, born 2002

Apozyan Hovhannes Onik, born 2000

Aren Karen Hovhannisyan, born 2002

Beglaryan Haykaz Ashot, born 2000

Gabrielyan Eric Roma, born 1979

Gurgen Eduard Hayrapetyan, born 1988

Arthur Slavik Movsisyan, born 1981

Mikhaelyan Vazgen Loni, born 1998:
28-09-2020, 06:05
According to the information received from the front, General of the Azerbaijani Army Mayis Barkhudarov was wounded and taken prisoner, Genc Bozqurdlar Facebook page writes. General Barkhudarov is of Armenian descent. He is one of the heroes glorified by the enemy, who once led the "capture of Lele Tepe".
28-09-2020, 05:54
The Defense Army has restored a number of previously lost positions
As we reported, as a result of the counterattack undertaken by the Defense Army units, the enemy suffered heavy losses of manpower and military equipment, and the Defense Army restored a number of previously lost positions.
28-09-2020, 05:46
Losses of Azerbaijani manpower
Intense fighting continued in the southern, south-eastern and northern directions of the front line during the night.

As a result of the counterattack undertaken by the Defense Army subdivisions, the enemy suffered heavy losses of manpower and military equipment.
27-09-2020, 23:24
The United States is closely monitoring the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh and will see if it can stop the violence, US President Donald Trump told reporters on Monday.

"We are watching it closely. We have good relations in that region. "Let's see if we can stop (the aggravation)," he said.

It should be reminded that on Sunday, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, violating the norms of international humanitarian law and the logic of the peace negotiation process, using missiles and aircraft, attacked along the line of contact, targeting the Karabakh Defense Army positions and peaceful settlements.