28-09-2020, 08:13
"Azerbaijani Silk Way planes took off from the Israeli airport with military cargo" ․ Lapshin
Well-known blogger Alexander Lapshin made a note about Israel's assistance to Azerbaijan. "Yesterday the so-called Day of Judgment began in Israel, when the Jews, according to tradition, must repent and apologize to all those who have caused pain and suffering. In Israel, on the Day of Judgment, traffic is almost stopped, and entertainment centers are closed. Moreover, now marks the anniversary of the bloody war between Egypt and Syria in 1973, during which more than 2,500 Israeli soldiers were killed.
28-09-2020, 08:00
Azerbaijani media report the destruction of 81 Syrian mercenaries
Many Syrian mercenaries sent to Azerbaijan to fight against Armenia were killed. According to the source, more than 4,000 armed Syrian mercenaries of the Syrian National Army are currently taking part in the battles of Azerbaijan against Armenia. Eighty-one Syrian mercenaries were reported killed.
28-09-2020, 07:52
The martyr Ashot Mnatsakanyan was the father of 3 minors
One of the servicemen killed during the large-scale operations organized by Azerbaijan on September 27 is Ashot Kolya Mnatsakanyan (born in 1979), a resident of Talvorik community, Armavir region, father of three minor children.
28-09-2020, 07:47
"If the servicemen get in touch by phone, they will risk their lives." Artsrun Hovhannisyan
The representative of the RA Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan touched upon the issue of telephone communication in Artsakh during a briefing today. "Dear population, please, we understand that the connections are not good, and you want to get information every minute, but in this case, this habit will hinder us, hinder the management system, hinder the networks. The servicemen, especially the privates who want to call and make contact every minute, will risk their lives if they get in touch. "ATS, artillery reconnaissance, targeting our servicemen using those channels, please restrict such actions as much as possible, which will allow the networks to work efficiently, not overloaded," Hovhannisyan stated.
28-09-2020, 07:38
We do not have any living prisoners at this time ․ Artsrun Hovha ...
Today, during a briefing at the Armenian Information Center, the representative of the RA Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan, responding to the news about the capture of the Azeri general, said that at the moment we do not have a living prisoner, not ruling out the fact that the Azeri general was killed.
28-09-2020, 07:35
"Azerbaijani artillery is currently hitting Martakert." A. Hovhannisyan
"At the moment, settlements are being targeted. Before entering the briefing, I received the next shots from Martakert. "Azerbaijani artillery hits the city," said Artsrun Hovhannisyan, a representative of the Ministry of Defense.

Referring to the rumors spread by the Azerbaijani press that the Armenian side has hundreds of losses, Hovhannisyan said. "We do not have hundreds of victims. That's a hoax. "
28-09-2020, 07:33
"Friends who met volunteers on Facebook yesterday, who are ready to host Artsakh Armenians in their home, please post the links here."
28-09-2020, 07:23
"The Armenian side has about 200 wounded." Artsrun Hovhannisyan
"Fighting has been going on all night along the border, especially in the north-south direction," Artsrun Hovhannisyan, a representative of the RA Ministry of Defense, said during a briefing today. He informed that at the moment the Armenian side has about 200 wounded, some of whom have been transferred to Yerevan. "Everyone is under proper medical supervision. "Our whole healthcare system is on its feet, it is performing a clear task," he said.
28-09-2020, 07:18
"It is my Lernik." Lernik Vardanyan, who died in Artsakh, was one of the best officers of the Armenian Army
Last night, as I was reading the names of the victims with deep sorrow, I came across a familiar name, which made me even more depressed ... is it He? ARF member Arthur Yeghrazaryan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"Lernik Aregi Vardanyan, born in 1978 ...

Early this morning my suspicions were confirmed from Artsakh ... it is my Lernik, the student of my former student from the "Aram Manukyan" school in Shushi, and then my former cadet of the RA Ministry of Defense ... one of the best officers of the Armenian Army ...
28-09-2020, 07:17
RA Ministry of Defense spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan posted a video on her Facebook page, writing կ

"The enemy, terrified by the great losses of human and military equipment, today at around 07:30 used a heavy" TOS "artillery in the south-eastern direction.
The Armenian side has no loss from the use of the mentioned weapon. "