28-09-2020, 09:23
The chairman of the Union of Armenians of Russia Ara Abrahamyan told "Podim" periodical that he had applied to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to stop the war in Artsakh. "We had a meeting yesterday, we decided on several issues, including appealing to the president to help Russia end the conflict, to provide humanitarian and other assistance." Abrahamyan said that 20,000 Armenian volunteers from Russia applied to leave for Artsakh ․ "This is a large-scale operation planned by Azerbaijan and Turkey. This is some kind of sadism, banditry, terrorism. They want there to be no Armenians in Karabakh. There is no Armenian, there is no Armenian issue.
28-09-2020, 09:16
Karen Margaryan, who was killed in an attack by Azerbaijan along the entire Artsakh-Azerbaijani line of contact on September 27, is from the border community of Paravakar in the Tavush region. He is the nephew of community leader Roman Margaryan. The school principal Angin Nikoyan said this in a conversation with NEWS.am.

"He was the best student in our school," the school principal described Karen in one sentence, unable to hold back tears.

Karen was born in 2000. He was studying at the Armenian State University of Economics and was going to graduate in January 2021.

Karen Margaryan has one sister and brother, he was the youngest child of the family.
28-09-2020, 09:10
They wrote on Azerbaijani social networks.

"The city of Terter is surrounded by Armenians, we have more than 100 victims."

I do not know how true this information is, but it has caused panic on Azerbaijani social networks, especially since it is about 10 km from that Azerbaijani city to the Artsakh state border.
28-09-2020, 08:56
According to open monitoring sources, which allow monitoring the situation in the airspace, a large number of Russian warplanes have been transferred from Russia to Armenia in the last 24 hours.

The transfer began a few hours before the open confrontation between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
28-09-2020, 08:55
Assistant to the head of the RA Health և Labor Inspectorate, military analyst Ashot Asatryan wrote on his Facebook page. "It is the Azerbaijani general Mayis Barkhudarov who acted more actively and brutally during the April battles. It was in 2016 that he announced that the Azerbaijani army could reach as far as Yerevan.

It is said that every word of a person has power, today the Azerbaijani side announced that the latter was captured by the Armenian troops. The Azeri general achieved what he wanted, just with a completely different status, which he dreamed of.
28-09-2020, 08:51
The scheduled flights from Baku to London, Berlin, Dubai, Moscow and Minsk have also been canceled.

YEREVAN, September 28 - Sputnik. Azerbaijan has suspended air communication with Nakhichevan Autonomy. The information was reported today by the media of that country.

It is noted that due to the martial law in Azerbaijan, the Baku airport after Heydar Ali is temporarily closed.

In this context, the flights of "Azerbaijani Airlines" scheduled for September 30, including Baku-Nakhichevan-Baku, were suspended.
28-09-2020, 08:46
I do not think it is appropriate to discuss the use of any specific weapon at all. The representative of the Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan mentioned this today during the briefing, referring to the question in which case the Armenian side will use "Iskander" and "SU-25" fighters.

"The military has clear plans, tools, tactics, etc. for conducting specific combat operations. It is not always appropriate to announce in advance or comment immediately. "When they find it necessary, and when the logic of the relevant military operations corresponds to the need to use this weapon, then they will definitely use it," he said.
28-09-2020, 08:37
According to NEWS.am, 35-year-old Hasmik Arzumanyan was from the village of Noravan, Syunik region, one of the servicemen killed by the Azerbaijani military aggression on September 27. Junior sergeant Hasmik Arzumanyan has been in the RA Armed Forces since 2014.

According to our information, Hasmik Arzumanyan served in Kapan, she has a 13-year-old daughter.

According to the relatives, Hasmik was a caring mother, a woman who was respected among her friends.

Hasmik's military service was also referred to on the "Patriotic Armenian Woman" Facebook page, where it is written: "According to the assessment staff of the RA Ministry of Defense, during the service he shows himself to be a literate, knowledgeable and disciplined serviceman.
28-09-2020, 08:20
Blogger Alexander Lapshin wrote on his Facebook page.

Yesterday, the so-called Judgment Day began in Israel, during which the Jews, according to tradition, must repent and apologize to those who have caused them pain and suffering. On the Day of Judgment, traffic in Israel is almost stopped, entertainment establishments are closed, television and radio broadcasting is stopped. Moreover, now marks the anniversary of the bloody war with Egypt and Syria in 1973, when more than 2,500 Israeli soldiers were killed.
28-09-2020, 08:15
The deceased Karen Margaryan is from Paravakar, Tavush region border guard
20-year-old Karen Margaryan, who died on July 27, was from Paravakar, Tavush region border guard. He was the smallest in the house.

The residents of the community describe him as a modest and compassionate young man, hardworking, modest, the chosen child of his parents.